Mr Worawat “ACME” Narknawdee is a well-known trader who has been highly successful in the global market for over 10 years and has been recognized through awards he has received from numerous financial institutions from many countries. He is known informally as “Acme Traderist” in the trading space and is also the chief executive officer of Bitnance Co. Ltd. (a financial technology (FinTech) company) and a well-known investor in Thailand who used their expertise to lead Bitnance’s development of FinTech software solutions. Through visionary leadership, he has built a dedicated team at Bitnance that shares his passion and creates a vibrant work culture. Mr Narknawdee’s strategic decision-making and adaptability make him a true pioneer, leaving a lasting legacy in the entrepreneurial landscape of Thailand.

The TransEuro Group is a well-established and diversified group of companies that has been operating in the UAE for over 20 years. The group has built a team of world-leading professionals from commodities, energy, banking and financial services, legal, hospitality, ESG, and more. The companies are registered in Dubai and have offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Seoul, and Zurich. TransEuro’s clientele includes AD Ports Group, VFS Global, Dar Global (a part of a real estate company the Dar Al Arkan group), Qatar Airways, BB Energy, and Blackforest Solutions, to name a few.

TransEuro is fully licensed and active in many sectors, such as commercial intermediary and brokerage services (all sectors), trading house, crude oil and refined oil products trading, precious metals trading, management consultancy and ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) solutions.

When asked about the impending partnership Mr Panicker CEO of the TransEuro Group, said, “I visited Thailand after 24 years in 2022 at the invitation of a few major corporations. Out of the many meetings during that trip, I was amazed by the dynamism of Mr Worawat Narknawdee. His personal humility and global vision resonated with me. I firmly believe that the partnership between our organisations will foster cooperative efforts between the UAE and Thailand.”

The strategic partnership between TransEuro and Mr Narknawdee aims to facilitate investments and business development in the UAE and across South East Asia across various sectors, including luxury real estate, hospitality assets, FinTech solutions, and strategic commercial trade opportunities.

Mr Narknawdee said that “this investment decision is the right and excellent one since TransEuro Groups is the firm which has strong strategies with considerable potential. The investment in the UAE is a challenge because everything is worth investing in, so most investors have no clue where to start. Despite that, TransEuro Groups helps turn all the difficulties into possibilities with ease since everything I want is all here. Therefore, it’s a good thing that I can shorten the amount of time required for investment success.”