We fetch the source to the end consumer

Trans Euro has two general trading companies(trading houses) within the group. Each trading house is specialized to cater to different markets.

Trans Euro General Trading

Focused on the B2B market: Bulk Agricultural commodities such as: corn, soya beans, wheat, maize, barley, cocoa, cashew, cotton, sugar, oils , dairy and, livestock meat, poultry, fisheries and animal feed.

General commodities and machineries are also under the purview of Trans Euro General Trading.

We access the products at source and cater to large end-users and trading houses. Including developing their own brand.


Innovative General Trading

Focused on the B2C markets in the region by acquiring niche and innovative products catering to: Hospitality, healthcare, aviation, leisure and sports industry & events

We bring to the table the expertise of the the world of concepts, franchisees, asset management and owners representation at the forefront in hospitality amenities.

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