What we do

Fine Art Procurement

One of the biggest challenges in art procurement is working with a supplier that has no competitors. How can you beat an unbeatable supplier to remain competitive and reduce your procurement costs? Work with us to know more.

Sports Events & Exhibitions

Heightened consumer expectations, a keener focus upon the return required by investors and wider stakeholders, and an ever more competitive event marketplace are just a few of the obstacles we can help you navigate to conduct incredible and memorable events and exhibitions.

Business & Investment Consulting

To identify the symptoms of pain points in your organization and reveal the levers that create complicatedness so that you can improve efficiency and profits.

Market & Corporate Strategy

At the heart of all business strategy is the trade-off between exploration versus exploitation. Allow us to show you how to navigate the course of your business’s journey.

We are global

Through our associate offices in Washington DC, Zurich, Dubai, Seoul, and Mumbai, Trans Euro is able to bring a global perspective from a broad and deep network of large corporations, start-ups, innovators, and experts worldwide.