Financial Consulting and Investments

Transeuro has provided long term access to major institutional and sovereign funds from across the globe.

We work on major acquisitions, fund placements, equity investments and project funding on behalf of our clients. Transeuro uses its significant access to funds and  participates in the process to ensure that the project is funded.

Major areas in which TransEuro are active:


TransEuro can provide access to funds through their network of well-known banks by facilitating lending against authenticated and valued art pieces

Emerging Technologies

TransEuro has been involved for 20 years with Emerging Technologies and new technologies to validate, arrange financing, enable mass production and bringing the products to a successful launch.

Here are a few products that TransEuro has helped to bring to market:

  • New Helmet from Croatia which is used in 27 countries
  • Oil Field Technologies
  • New Agro-Feed technologies
  • Tissue Culture techniques and technolgies
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Waste Recycling Technologies
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