In this blog post, part 15 of the Keep it Simple with Intune series, I will show you how you can switch on management of Windows 10 updates on your devices. To install and configure WSUS, click here. After completing the steps, users will no longer be able to set a new image as a background using the Settings app and the right-click "Set as desktop background" will not work. Windows-tab does not, by itself, switch between applications. Tap or click on Start from your desktop, and select the Settings app. Step 5. In the Task Manager tab, you need to disable all programs that may cause the error.

I am using LTSB and it’s a lot closer to the way Windows 10 should be. Also, I’ve replaced the Start Menu with Classic Shell for an actually usable Start Menu. With this method of installing updates, you can have Windows install only updates when you’re actually ready to reboot your computer. These include swiping up with three fingers for Task View, swiping left with three fingers, which acts as Alt-tab to open Task Switcher and swiping down with three packet.dll fingers to access the desktop.

Microsoft Family’s parental control system requires Microsoft accounts for at least one parent and one child. Windows 10 Creator Update introduces Storage sense, a new feature that automatically gets rid of the files you don’t need to save you an extra step when low on disk space. Use Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows update\Do not connect to any Windows Update Internet locations to enable this policy.

Microsoft’s Windows 10 October 2020 Update (20 H2) upgrade will usher the brand-new Microsoft Edge web browser onto millions of PCs, while upgrading the age-old Alt Tab faster way with a required brand-new function. When using a Microsoft account in Windows 10, you can do a variety of things. In addition, Microsoft is now beginning to roll out the browser to private users via Windows Update. That’s it, close all running apps, windows and Reboot your PC so as to save the changes made so far.

There are times when you’re on battery power but don’t want Windows to CPU throttle you, such as when you’re doing multiple performance-intensive tasks at once. Nearby Sharing is a new feature in Windows 10 that lets you effortlessly transfer files to nearby devices using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, without having to use network file sharing or even a USB drive. Admins can first adapt the GPO to the needs of the company before they link it. For example, the active hours setting is defined with a fixed value of 18 hours.

Each person who owns a facility that is identified in (1) at least one approved generic drug submission in which the facility is approved to produce one or more APIs, or (2) a Type II API drug master file referenced in at least one approved generic drug submission incurs the API facility fee. This policy setting specifies whether Windows apps can be activated by voice while the system is locked. And to the consternation of Microsoft, Google’s Chrome browser remains the dominant software on desktops (including laptops and Windows-powered tablets), despite some touch screen tools that are a bit lacking versus Chrome on Android phones and tablets.

However, you can always manually optimize the storage space on your computer by going to Settings > Storage > Free up Space Now. Some hostile programs can masquerade as DLL files, bringing damage to your applications. I’m often switching between editor (or 2), terminal, browser, and apps so this idea that I have to always no the exact state I’m and deliberately consciously pick one of 3 different key combos to switch seems crazy to me.

When we had Google Browser minimized in the background, Windows set Power Throttling to Enabled” for the processes. With Windows 10 Creators Update out in the wild , it’s time to get ready for a lot more interesting features that are going to be part of the next Windows 10 update. This service sets up Metro apps for new users, so if it is disabled, things like Edge and Store don’t get setup for new users and are in a sense disabled.

Click on Update and Security > Windows Update > Advanced Options, and finally select Choose how updates are delivered. Locate the device driver that you want to uninstall and then right-click on it and select Uninstall. Windows will scan the various temporary files and other content that can be deleted. If there’s an Android app that you need to access surreptitiously, with no Windows or web counterpart available, the phone screen feature can be handy.

Right-click the WindowsUpdate (folder) key, select New, and click on DWORD (32-bit) Value. Using this method, you won’t see a "Some settings are managed by your organization" message in the Personalization settings, and users won’t be able to change the current desktop wallpaper. While you can clear the %temp% folder manually (references: article #1 , article #2 , article #3 ), you can automate this process using Storage Sense.